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Testing 1, 2, 3: Understanding College Admission Requirements

woman sitting at school desk taking college admission checklistMany colleges require entrance exams as part of their admissions process. However, some colleges, including Mount Vernon Nazarene University (MVNU) Online, have chosen to forego these requirements. Learn more about college admission requirements and why we don’t require standardized test scores at MVNU Online.

What are admission requirements for colleges?

College admissions requirements include anything you must submit to a college as part of your application packet in order to be accepted as a student. If you’re deciding whether to go back to college, admissions requirements are likely on your mind. These requirements vary from school to school. 

Rigorous Requirements

Some colleges have extensive admissions requirements, which might include:

  • Transcripts (from high school if applying for an undergraduate program or college if applying for a graduate program)
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Application essays
  • Exam scores
  • And more

Colleges with more involved application processes also tend to be more selective in the applicants they accept.

Flexible Requirements

Other colleges, like MVNU Online, seek to make the admissions process less demanding and make their programs more accessible to any motivated students who are interested in furthering their education. 

Whatever institution you’re applying to, they should provide a clear list of college admission requirements to follow in order to complete their application process. If you’re ever unsure about a requirement, reach out to admissions staff (who may be called enrollment specialists or admissions advisors) for assistance.

What entrance exams do colleges require?

When it comes to entrance exams in particular, there are a few you’ll want to know about if you’re looking to apply to a college program that requires test scores.

Some of the most common entrance exams include:Choose the best online degree program for you. Learn more: The Best Online Degree Programs for Working Adults

  • SAT: Applicants to undergraduate programs may be required to take the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT). This test assesses students’ proficiency in three subject areas: reading, math, and writing and language. High SAT test scores may also qualify students for certain academic scholarships. 
  • ACT: Another popular exam for undergraduate admissions and academic merit scholarship decisions is the American College Test (ACT), which covers English, mathematics, reading, and science. Some colleges may request that students take the optional ACT writing test, as well.
  • GRE: Applicants to graduate programs may need to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test, which consists of three sections: verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing. Some programs may instead require one of the GRE Subject Tests
  • GMAT: Graduate business programs may require applicants to submit scores from the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). This exam consists of four areas considered important for master’s of business administration (MBA) students: analytical writing assessment, integrated reasoning, quantitative, and verbal.

Typically, students take these exams prior to beginning their college applications and can have their scores sent directly to the colleges they’re applying to.

Required Test Scores

Some colleges have very specific requirements for the standardized test(s) you must take and scores you must achieve, whereas others offer some flexibility by providing multiple testing options. For example, undergraduate programs may allow you to submit SAT or ACT scores.

Test-Optional Policies

Even more flexible, some colleges are now making standardized testing optional. Colleges with test-optional policies allow students to submit test scores if they want, but they don’t require them. During the pandemic, nearly 80 percent of four-year colleges and universities temporarily went test-optional, but some will likely stick to this policy going forward as they see the benefits of no longer requiring standardized testing.

No Testing Requirements

Some colleges do not include test scores in their admissions process at all. Applicants to MVNU Online programs do not need to take any entrance exams or submit any scores.

Why does MVNU not require test scores for admission?

If you assumed you would need to submit test scores in order to apply for any college degree program, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn you can skip this requirement when applying to MVNU Online—but you may wonder why MVNU and some other colleges choose to leave testing out of their admissions process.

There are a few key reasons, all of which benefit learners hoping to begin a new degree program.

1. Equity

Many students are strong academically yet struggle with test-taking for a variety of reasons, ranging from learning styles to test anxiety. A testing requirement can put these students at a disadvantage. Registering for exams also comes at a financial cost, which can unfairly affect some students and working adults.

2. Immediacy 

Standardized tests should typically be taken a year or more before you plan to start your degree program. Plus, many students take these tests more than once to optimize their scores, which adds to the overall time given to testing. This is bad news for someone who wants to begin a degree program right away. With testing requirements removed, someone who is ready to make a career change or expand their skills can quickly start working on their degree rather than delaying their goals. 

3. Access

Overall, removing testing requirements eliminates a barrier that can otherwise keep some students and adult learners from pursuing the education they desire. MVNU Online believes in creating a learning environment to which all are welcome to apply and in which anyone can succeed.


What are the college admission requirements at MVNU?

The exact requirements for applying to MVNU Online may depend on the particular program. The general admission requirements for our MVNU Online degree programs include:

  • An application (with no application fee!)
  • A completed FAFSA if you want to qualify for Federal Student Aid
  • Official transcripts from any previous colleges/universities you’ve attended

That’s it! Once we’ve received all of your admission materials, you’ll typically hear from us within a week with an admission decision.


Enjoy a Simple Admissions Process and Start Pursuing Your Dreams at MVNU

At MVNU, we seek to provide a thriving and flexible learning environment to all students and professionals ready to further their education. Our online programs are designed so that anyone who is ready to learn and pursue their dreams can get started. With no exam requirements, you can enjoy an easy and accessible application process you can complete right now.

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