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What Is a BBA Degree: Majors and Careers

BBA Degree-1Not sure what to major in for your undergraduate education? One of the most critical points to consider is a degree that offers versatility and stability to ensure your career path will provide plenty of options and be stable in the future. 

A Bachelor of Business Administration will give you options in your career and provide a stable career path. It’s a highly marketable degree that can help you enter the business world and lay the foundation for a Master of Business Administration should you decide you want to give your credentials a boost.

What is a Bachelor of Business Administration degree?

The BBA program provides learners with essential business knowledge and skills. This understanding and skill set is helpful across various careers, making the BBA online degree an excellent option for young learners and seasoned professionals who want to gain a competitive edge in the business world. This degree can prepare you to become an accountant, financial advisor, marketer, or human resources professional, among other careers.

You can earn this degree entirely online through Mount Vernon Nazarene University. You can also enhance the degree with one of six majors or take it as a standalone degree.

What majors can you pursue in the BBA program?

You can hone in on the industry or career role you’re interested in by choosing a concentration for your BBA. At MVNU Online, we offer six BBA concentrations: 

1. Marketing

The Marketing major is ideal for students who want to pursue sales, promotions, and marketing management roles. The program focuses on the advertising and promotional aspects of growth and sales to provide students with a well-rounded education. 

The curriculum includes courses examining personal selling, advertising and promotion, marketing management, marketing strategy, and market research. Throughout these courses, students will explore cross-functional areas of marketing, understand consumer behavior, examine how different techniques can influence sales and profits, and create their own marketing plans.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, advertising, promotions, and marketing managers are in high demand. As a result, the job outlook is expected to expand by 10 percent from 2020–2030. As of 2021, these professionals earn a median salary of $133,380.

2. Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing major complements the general Marketing program. The Digital Marketing degree prepares students to work with organizations ranging from small start-ups to large corporations. 

Students learn how to immediately impact an organization through sales and brand awareness and continually optimize marketing campaigns. The curriculum includes courses on pay-per-click, lead generation, social media, and search engine optimization (SEO) marketing. 

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3. Finance

The Finance major is designed for students intending to pursue career tracks such as banking, accounting, and tax preparation. As such, it contains the most fundamental business courses for undergraduate study, focusing on investments, markets and institutions, business finance, risk and insurance, and personal financial planning.

Financial careers are in high demand across various industries, including government organizations, companies, and individual clients. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that demand for financial managers will grow by 17 percent from 2020-30. Individuals in these professions earned a median salary of $131,710 in 2021.

4. Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management program balances advanced human resources coursework with traditional business coursework. Students are prepared for a human resource role in non-profit, ministry, corporate, or government organizations. 

The curriculum includes courses on training and development, performance and reward systems, employee relations and services, human resource strategies, and diversity management for organizational performance.

Human resources managers are employed in nearly all industries. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for human resources managers is forecasted to increase by 9 percent from 2020–30. In 2021, human resources managers earned a median salary of $126,230.

5. Management

The Management major prepares students to advance in managerial and other leadership roles. This degree prepares students to tackle challenges such as growing a business or leading a large team. Topics of study include new venture creation, project management, advanced business law, and operations management.

Managers play a critical role across every industry. Demand for skilled leaders is constant, and management roles generally come with higher salaries than entry-level and associate-level roles.

6. Project Management

Interested in a career where you can influence change, move projects toward the finish line, and lead others? Look no further than the Project Management major. Project managers are critical to organizations because they’re directly responsible for managing team productivity and producing profits. 

In the Project Management BBA program, you’ll learn how to set goals, create a plan, track progress, and keep teams motivated. This degree will also help you stand out from other job candidates with the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® exam.

Because every industry has projects to manage, there is a constant need for qualified project managers. The average annual starting salary for a project manager is approximately $81,000.

Why get a BBA from MVNU Online?

It’s crucial to ensure your degree will provide versatility and stability in your career for years to come. A BBA will give you plenty of options in your career, in both the type of organization you work for and the role you undertake. This versatility makes the BBA degree highly marketable and appealing for your future job prospects.

MVNU Online is designed for busy working adults, allowing you to keep up with other responsibilities—such as a full-time job—while pursuing your career goals. The BBA online degree is fully asynchronous, meaning you can pursue your degree without dropping out of work or family life and complete your coursework on your own schedule. 

We offer a thriving online learning community led by dedicated faculty and staff who care about every learner. You will never feel like just another number in an online degree mill. 

Take advantage of multiple start dates throughout the year so you can start pursuing your dream! Request information today to learn more.

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