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What to Expect When Applying to MVNU Online Checklist

Thinking of applying to one of our online degree programs? That’s great! We created a detailed checklist that outlines the steps involved in the application process, how our asynchronous programs are structured, and what a typical week looks like for an MVNU Online learner.

Let us know what program you're interested in, and download the checklist to learn more!

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What to Expect When Applying to MVNU Online Going back to school as an adult is one of the biggest decisions you can make. However, you are not alone. Nearly half of all college students are adult learners, and many have busy schedules to work around.   That said, fitting in a college degree around a full-time schedule is easier than you think with an online college program like the ones offered through MVNU Online. Learn more below about MVNU Online and what to expect when you apply.  MVNU Online’s College Application Process Our programs are designed with a busy schedule in mind, and so is our college application. In addition to a simplified application, our enrollment specialists are available to help every step of the way.  Worried about exam requirements and test scores? Don’t be—MVNU Online doesn’t require any test scores.  You also don’t have to worry about missing an application deadline. MVNU Online has start dates throughout the year, so you don’t need to wait for traditional enrollment. You can start when YOU are ready. Steps to Apply for College at MVNU Online The college application process has many steps and can be complex. There’s a great deal of preparation involved, from researching programs to exploring financial aid options. We’ve broken down the steps to help you through the process.  Fill out the online application. The online application takes between 10-15 minutes. It will ask for your full name, address, email address, telephone number, birth date, and citizenship status. This is when you will choose your academic program and degree level, depending on your career goals and what schooling you’ve already completed.  You can enroll as one of two student types.   New student means you’re enrolling in a new program. If you’ve attended MVNU Online previously but are enrolling in a different program, you are still considered a new student. Re-enroll means you were previously enrolled in a program at MVNU Online and want to enroll again into the same program.   Callout: Not enough credits for the program you want? We have  general education/pre-requisite courses you can enroll in to help achieve your goals.   Submit the necessary materials. After you submit your application, an enrollment specialist will help you determine which supplemental documents are required. The materials that need to be submitted vary depending on your circumstances. Below is a list of documents that an enrollment specialist may request:  Transcripts or GED certificate  Letter of success (for students who don’t meet the minimum GPA requirements, have been academically dismissed, or have previous felonies) Education supplemental information form (consists of reference requests and a short essay for those pursuing an education degree) Graduate assistantship application and approval (for students interested in a graduate assistantship position) Resolution of loans in default (for those in default on a student loan) Picture of an RN License (for students seeking RN-BSN and MSN degrees) TOEFL (for international students to determine English proficiency) If you have committed a felony, you must submit the following documents: Court documents Background check  Letter of success 	 Once you have submitted all requested documents, your application is complete. Take some time to relax while you wait. Your application and documents can take up to a week to evaluate.  Submit the registration agreement form. Congratulations on your acceptance to MVNU Online! It’s now time to submit the registration agreement form.  This form is required for all students who accept an enrollment offer. This simple form lets us know when you intend to start your degree. Once you fill out the form and we receive it, you’ll be registered for courses.  Special step for education students. If you are enrolling in an education program, you will have an initial advising meeting with the MVNU Online education coordinator. This is a short meeting to ensure you know what to expect. After this meeting, you’ll be registered for courses and your enrollment specialist will send you your course schedule.  Register for classes. After completing steps 1–4 (1–5 for education students), you’ll be registered for classes. Your enrollment specialist will notify you when you’re registered. Remember that MVNU Online offers an asynchronous learning schedule, allowing you to complete work on your schedule throughout the week.  Receive communication from academic and student financial services. Academic services will send you your MVNU login credentials, and your financial aid advisor will send you your financial aid notification (FAN). If you experience a delay in receiving your FAN, be sure to check your financial aid checklist on the application status page or ask your enrollment specialist for assistance. You must complete this checklist to receive your FAN from student financial services.  Note: Your financial aid advisor is the only one who can tell you about your specific financial information.  Enroll and start your program. Once you have the following, you’re ready to enroll and start your program! Course schedule Login credentials Financial aid notification A Typical Week at MVNU Online Applying to and starting a college program is exciting. However, just like the college application process, you want to know the steps you must go through once you’re in the program. Let’s learn about our asynchronous online courses and see an example of a typical week.  What is asynchronous learning? An asynchronous class structure means students work on their own schedule and can complete coursework from anywhere. Assignment due dates are the only limitations. Each student also receives immediate feedback on quizzes. Even with an asynchronous model, professors are very responsive via email and are available to help with assignments.  What is required for an asynchronous class? Students still must be counted as “present” in an online class. To be considered “present,” they must make a substantial contribution to the course at least once during the instructional week. This includes:  Posting to an assigned discussion forum. Submitting an assignment. Completing a quiz or exam. Completing a required academic activity for the specific instructional week of the course.  If a student doesn’t meet this minimum requirement, they’ll be counted as absent for that instructional week. Being absent once in a 1–4 week course, more than once in a 5–6 week course, or more than twice in a 7–12 week course can result in a failing grade.  What is a typical week for an MVNU student? Once you are enrolled in classes, this is an example of a typical week with MVNU Online:  Monday to Wednesday: These days are for studying, reading, watching assigned videos, and working on assignments. Wednesday at 11:59 p.m.: The discussion forum posts are due by this time. Some students have just one, whereas others may have two (academic forum and faith forum). Thursday to Saturday: These days are for studying, reading, watching assigned videos, and working on assignments. Saturday at 11:59 p.m.: A larger assignment is due, along with responses to the discussion forum posts. Larger weekly assignments may include reflection papers, presentations, quizzes, essays, responses in video forums, or responses in written forums. For those in the education program, they could also include lesson plans or simulation models. Take Charge of Your Future MVNU Online’s academic success coaches connect with all of our learners right at the beginning. They monitor your performance and help you overcome setbacks to ensure your success in your program and career. At MVNU Online, you don’t have to worry that college isn’t for you or that you will fall through the cracks, especially in an online program. Instead, you can be sure that you are seen and supported every step of the way.   Ready to take charge of your future and experience the MVNU Online difference? Speak with an enrollment specialist and apply today.

To learn more about MVNU Online’s degree programsspeak with an Enrollment Specialist and take the next step in your educational journey.

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