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Is Business Administration a Good Degree?

MVNU O Blog #34 Is Business Administration a Good Degree?If you’re considering enrolling in a degree program to advance your learning and professional opportunities, business administration is a great path to consider. Either a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree can be a valuable asset that helps you achieve your career goals. Learn more about business administration to determine if this degree program is the right choice for you!

What is a business administration degree?

A business administration degree is designed to equip learners with core business knowledge and skills. These degree programs are excellent options if you’re interested in starting or managing a company or playing a role in a business’s success. 


If you don’t already have a bachelor’s degree, consider a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). A BBA can serve as a launchpad for a business career or help you advance your career. It can also provide a solid foundation for a master’s degree in business administration.


If you already have a bachelor’s degree—especially if that degree is in a business-related subject area—then you should look into a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. An MBA program is also a great fit if you have practical business experience. 

These graduate-level programs can prepare you to confidently take on a variety of roles, including leadership and advisory positions. You may even be able to teach business courses with an MBA.

What makes a degree a good choice in the first place?

It’s great that you’re considering whether business administration is a good degree! Not all degrees are equally valuable when it comes to achieving your personal and professional goals.

To determine if business administration is a good degree for you, we should look at what makes a degree program a good choice in the first place. “Good” is a relative term, but it’s safe to say a “good degree” is one that:

  • Provides the right career opportunities.
  • Has solid earning potential.
  • Aligns with your interests.

A business administration degree checks all of these boxes for many learners!

Why should you pursue a business administration degree?

Let’s explore why a BBA or MBA is a great degree choice for many students and professionals. 


When you earn a degree, you want to know that it will mean something on your resume and help you land a job you love. When it comes to business administration, there is consistently high demand for professionals with these qualifications. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), business and financial occupations are projected to grow 7 percent from 2021 to 2031, which equates to about 715,100 new jobs. No matter where you live, you can rest assured that there is—and always will be—a need for business professionals. 

Business administration careers can also offer impressive salaries. The most recently reported median annual wage for business and financial positions was $76,570. MBA graduates may earn even more—one study found that recent MBA grads took jobs that offered a median base salary of $115,000! An MBA is often the degree of choice for working professionals who want to boost their credentials to get a raise or promotion.  


Why should you consider a Bachelor of Business Administration? with E-book preview

Closely related to marketability, a business administration degree is also extremely versatile! It can equip you with universal principles of business that apply across industries and careers. That means if you decide to switch careers now or in the future, you can continue to make the most of your education.

These degree programs may also allow you to specialize in an area you’re interested in. For example, BBA students at MVNU Online can choose from six majors that correspond to different industries and roles. Our MBA students can choose from nine different concentrations.

The jobs you can hold with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration are nearly endless, so there’s something for everyone. Health care, finance, marketing—these industries and more are all viable options for someone with a business administration degree.


The benefits don't just start after you graduate—being a student in a BBA or MBA program can be a highly engaging and fulfilling experience. You’ll learn fascinating principles of business and real-world applications from passionate instructors, many of whom are actively working in the business world while teaching.

A business administration program may not be suitable for everyone, but if you get excited about the idea of entrepreneurship, business operations, people management, or business strategy, then it’s likely a great fit for you. Why not turn your interest into an exciting college experience and career path?

Adding it all up:
Is business administration a good degree? 

So is business administration a good degree? Yes! A BBA or an MBA degree can provide you with the right on-paper credentials and the right real-world knowledge to confidently take on new roles in the business world. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to advance your career, a business administration degree can help you get there.

Why pursue a business administration degree through MVNU Online?

Once you decide to pursue a business administration degree, you need to find the right program from the right school. 

At MVNU Online, you’ll find a variety of business administration programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, so you can study the subject area you’re interested in and prepare for an exciting new career or propel your current career forward.

Our programs are nationally accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), so you can feel confident your degree will carry significant weight and be well respected by your colleagues and hiring managers. 

Take a moment to learn about our BBA programs or MBA programs and find the right concentration for your interests and goals!

Check out our E-Book to learn about the value and versatility of a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.