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Earning Your Undergraduate Business Administration Degree: Which Type of BBA Is Best?

Blog #40 Earning Your Undergraduate Business Administration Degree Which Type of BBA Is Best?You’re eager to earn a degree in business administration! But which type of degree makes the most sense for you, and how can you choose the right major? We will break down the types of business administration degrees—primarily focusing on the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)—and explain how you can pick the best degree program for your interests and needs.

What is a BBA?

BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. This undergraduate degree program equips students with business-related knowledge and skills. Though some general BBA programs are widely applicable to business careers, many BBA programs focus on a particular field or role.

What about an MBA?

When it comes to business administration, you may think of a Master of Business Administration (MBA). However, only a quarter of business degree holders have an advanced degree. A bachelor’s degree is a great option to jump-start your career in business. A BBA can also serve as a solid foundation for an MBA program. Although a BBA can open up many opportunities on its own, you may also want to consider getting your MBA to boost your qualifications for leadership positions.

BA, BS, and BBA: What’s the difference?

If you want to study business at the undergraduate level, you will have a few options. Typically, business administration degrees fall into one of three categories. (Remember that there is no standardized method of titling degrees, so a BS in Business Administration from one college may be very similar to a BBA at another college, for example.)


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Some colleges and universities offer a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business Administration. These programs typically focus more on humanities than BS and BBA programs. A BA in Business Administration may be a good fit for someone who is most interested in business writing or communications or who wants to play a business role in a creative field (for example, managing an art gallery). 


More commonly, you’ll see the option to pursue a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Administration. These degree programs tend to have more of a quantitative focus. In other words, you can expect to take very few courses in the humanities and more in math and science. These degree programs are also likely to have a concentration that prepares you for a specific career path.


Another option, which we offer at MVNU Online, is a Bachelor of Business Administration. This degree program is an ideal choice for a business-minded student who wants to prepare for a career in business or an MBA program. BBA programs often allow you to choose a specific concentration or major depending on your career goals.

How can you choose the right BBA program for you?

Two main considerations can help you determine your ideal BBA program. You need to think about the subject matter you’ll be learning and where your degree is coming from.

Choosing the Right Major

Another aspect of determining the best BBA program is choosing a major. BBA programs typically allow you to concentrate on a certain area of study related to business administration.

There are six majors you can choose from at MVNU Online:

  • Marketing
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management
  • Project Management 

Each of these majors is extremely marketable and can prepare you for various career roles, so you can’t go wrong with any of them. That said, it’s smart to think about the type of industry or position you’re aiming for so you can choose a major that will serve as an effective launchpad for your career (or for an MBA program in that area). 

For instance, if you have a passion for people management and are looking forward to leading a team, a BBA in management is the right choice. If you’re more of a numbers person, you may want to get your BBA in finance. Think about your interests, aptitudes, and career goals to determine which major is the best fit for you. 

Choosing the Right School

When choosing where to get your degree, there are a few factors worth considering. You want to ensure the college or university is a good fit for you and offers a degree that provides the confidence and career opportunities you deserve.

Look for a BBA program that offers these advantages:
  • Asynchronous learning: If you’re a busy adult—especially if you want to keep working while you earn your degree—look for an online degree program that doesn’t require you to attend virtual classes at specified times. Asynchronous learning means you can do coursework when it best suits your schedule.
  • Shared values: An often overlooked (but important!) consideration is how well a university’s mission and values align with your own. At MVNU Online, our curriculum and culture are informed by our faith and our passion for learning and living life to the fullest. We believe business principles can be positively informed by a biblical worldview.
  • Accreditation: When it comes to business administration degrees, it’s essential that you choose an accredited program. At MVNU Online, our BBA degree program is nationally accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, so you know your degree will be well respected in the professional world.
  • Student support: Going back to school to get your BBA can be a massive undertaking, and you want to know you’ll have the support you need to thrive. At MVNU Online, this looks like a friendly network of faculty, financial aid advisors, career services counselors, and peers who are all invested in your success. 

Get your BBA from MVNU Online.

If you want to pursue a fulfilling business career, the Bachelor of Business Administration is an excellent choice. By comparing schools to find the right fit and choosing a major that aligns with your interests and goals, you can confidently determine which type of BBA is best for you. 

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